When buying a new camera most sensible people will check out:


……. and then rush out and buy the one that looks cool or has the most extras – doh!

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Voxtips. An Introductory Photography Series.


The popular simple start up photography course is having a re-run – of course when I say popular I mean it’s popular with my wife who says it keeps me busy and out from under her feet…. Reality is I’ve been asked to do it, so here it is – with some re-writes plus photographs – enjoy and more importantly, get out there, have fun and practise, you never know you might like it. Continue reading »

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A Nice Little Trip To Brussels. Episode 5. Let’s Stretch Our Legs.

As you may remember, we started this trip slightly earlier than necessary and so, after spending an hour sitting on the underground train we had a further 2 hours sitting in St Pancras station drinking coffee and waiting for departure time. Coffee was quite good and I enjoy people watching, so it wasn’t too painful but, that did make 3 hours… Continue reading »

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A Nice Little Trip To Brussels. Episode 4. A Gift And A Curse

When we go away we like to have peace of mind regarding the safety and security of our home so we take the necessary precautions. All the doors and windows are shut and double locked, the security systems are switched on and the security company is informed of our plans. Now, we don’t experience high levels of crime but nevertheless, we do like to go the extra mile – just for that peace of mind you understand. To this end we activate the local ‘Neighbourhood Watch’. Continue reading »

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A Nice Little Trip To Brussels. Episode 3. Graffiti Non Creatrix.

The 400+ kilometres of track which is known all over the world as the London Underground actually runs for approximately half of its length above ground, although, in all fairness, it is underground within central London. So it was with us, half of the trip to St Pancras was on the surface and we were able to enjoy the sights of East London. Continue reading »

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A Nice Little Trip To Brussels. Episode 2. The Borg Experience.

Yes, we were on our way …… BUT, unbeknown to the innocent travellers ……. in a control centre far far away their immediate futures were being decided. A malevolent digit hovered momentarily over a large, dull, worn, red button with the letters F.U. scratched into it’s surface. With a snort of amusement the finger moved decisively downwards and the button was pressed …… immediately the train slowed and came to a standstill – there was silence. Continue reading »

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A Nice Little Trip To Brussels. Episode 1. The Easy Bit.

I decided, rather on the spur of the moment, that I fancied a trip on Eurostar to Brussels. Why Brussels? – I’d done Paris and Amsterdam several times and I instinctively felt that Brussels couldn’t be as dull as people said – although I’d driven through Belgium many times without feeling the need to stop and soak up the culture. I had been to Brussels once during my late teens but all I could remember was the stout, elderly woman with the scrutinising and rather disdainful stare who looked after the mixed public loo (emphasis on ‘public’). Let me hasten to add it was not this image that was drawing me back, perhaps I just felt that there had to be more to this ancient capital of the Holy Roman Empire. Continue reading »

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The Battle of Britain All Over Again : North Devon’s Fight For True Local Radio.

In the skies over the green and pleasant land of North Devon there is a battle being fought. This is a battle for the airwaves the outcome of which will have implications for ‘true local radio’ throughout the kingdom. Continue reading »

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We Are Not Alone – Tring Reservoirs

Leaving behind the concrete slabs, exhaust fumes and grime of the urban sprawl and exchanging it for the clean air and flora & fauna of the ‘natural world’ is something I do as often as I can. BUT when visiting I bear in mind that I’m sharing this wonderful habitat with many other species and that I have a responsibility to do nothing which causes the inhabitants or their homes any damage. All too frequently interaction between human and non-human species unwittingly but avoidably  results in ‘collateral casualties’. Continue reading »

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A Hidden Jewel – Docton Mill.

It was a sunny, very warm and cloudless morning in May as I turned off the A39 and headed towards Hartland and Stoke on the north west coast of Devon. After a few miles I took a left and drove down increasingly narrow country lanes (watch out for hares) in the direction of Elmscott until I found what I was looking for. And that really is the point, unless you’re actually looking for Docton Mill, you’re unlikely to just come across it by accident. Continue reading »

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