Reclamation (Click on image to open slide show.)

Reclamation yards are amongst my favourite places to explore - I'm never disappointed and always find something unexpected. With a little creativity you can imagine the histories behind many of the weird and wonderful objects on display - stories which travel through time and encompass all areas of the globe. This yard , in the South West of England, contains shapes, colours and textures which provided a rich background for creating the images shown in this exhibition.
Nov11_Brussels Street Arts_01.jpg

Brussels Street Arts. (Click on image to open slide show.)

The 'street art' of Brussels is extraordinary - from the 'wall art' which brings a whole new meaning to the term 'graffiti' to the 'living statues' who bring a mixture of horror, delight and wonder to the children who encounter them. It is an enchanting city with a rich history from the Holy Roman Empire through the 'art nouveau' period to it's present role in Europe. I hope this exhibition gives a flavour of this Belgian city - it is also a salute to the artists. I hope you enjoy it and I hope you choose to visit Brussels.
Nov 11_Brussels Streetmarket_001.jpg

A Brussels Flea Market. (Click on image to open slide show.)

The flea market at La Place du Jeu de Balle in Brussels sells an amazing range of secondhand wares and antiques. But it is the people who bring the colour and vitality to the market - traders, buyers. locals and tourists - a cosmopolitan kaleidoscope. Here is a snap shot of what you can expect to see should you visit - and you should...

Lynton and Lynmouth Music & Arts Festival. (Click on image to open slide show.)

Llamafest 2012 which took place in June was a beautiful event in a picturesque setting in North Devon. Much respect to the two legends, Roland and Nik who beat the odds and staged the event, giving everyone such great memories to take away.